Welcome to my website – a showcase for an exciting new Fashion Label – just for you.

Ready to Wear, Bespoke, or genuine ‘cat-walk’ Couture, I hope to bring you beautiful, affordable, quality, hand made garments that you’ll love to wear, again and again.

I graduated in Fashion Design from Bath Spa University in the summer of 2013 and have a particular interest in designing and making evening and occasion wear. I love to use drape to develop delightful silhouettes, and with the use of creative pattern cutting to evolve fresh, often complex, yet minimalistic designs.

My ‘Eternal Ice’ couture collection was initially inspired by a glacial walk in Norway – a unique and ever changing landscape, with light reflections, and refractions that generate an endless array of colours, shape and amazing textures.  I used photographic images from a later visit to the Franz Josef glacier in New Zealand to create original patterns printed onto fine silks.

In Ready to Wear, I plan an affordable range of classically based, stylish dresses for day wear to party.  Hand made to standard sizes.  You’ll love them.  Just for now I’ve given you a teaser of the style with ‘My Little Yellow Dress’.  I look forward to launching the first of the range later this summer.

Do you have a special event?  A Wedding or Party?  My bespoke area is just for you.  Absolutely your choice of colours and materials.  Personal design and fitting.  All beautifully made.  An absolutely unique dress – for you!